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Namayingo Residents Demonstrate Against Bad Roads

200 residents in Namayingo town council on Thursday afternoon demonstrated over bad roads.
200 residents in Namayingo town council on Thursday afternoon demonstrated over bad roads.
The demonstration led by Daniel Mayende, Namayingo town council LC3 Chairperson, begun at midday and went on for three hours at Namayingo district offices.
Daniel Mayende said that the roads in Namayingo town council were in such a bad state that some parts had become impassable.
The most affected roads are Dutch street, Namayingo – Bugiri, Namayingo-Busia and Namayingo – Mayuge roads. These roads host heavy traffic, with most long truck vehicles ferrying goods like fish products and retail trade goods for traders to and from Lake Victoria and the neighbouring districts.
Mayende argued that it was not right for Wilber Obondo, Chairman LCV Namayingo district, to order a halt to road works in Namayingo town council as he did on Thursday morning.
Mayende said that after rains devastated the roads, Namayingo town council approved funds to level some roads in the town council to make the roads usable.
He added that 300 litres of fuel had been purchased for the purpose and road works had begun along Dutch street only for them to be stopped on the second day. 
Wilber Obondo, Chairman LCV Namayingo district halted the levelling of roads in Namayingo town council using graders from the district saying that he had not been informed of the town councils move to repair roads.
When contacted, Obondo rubbished the accusations and said the demonstrations had been orchestrated by rival politicians.
Joyce Aciru, Acting Namayingo District Police Commander, said the demonstration had not been violent and was contained.
In November 2012, residents in Bukakata battled with police for two days after they demonstrated against none rehabilitation of bad roads.

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